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Land The  Job

My group accelerator programme empowering ambitious midlife women to design career success on  their terms.

Stop wasting your precious time and energy applying for just any job.  Gain clarity on your transferable skills and strengths and strategically showcase your value in today’s job market to land the job you deserve.

Dream it, design it, Do it.

Who is the 3D Method for?

If I asked you “how you’d feel if you were still in the same job in a year’s time”, what would your reaction be?

Is it one of joy and excitement?

Are you feeling inspired and motivated at what you might be doing within the company?

Or, are you sighing heavily right now thinking , “Please, No” at the prospect of another year of going through the motions, feeling deflated and thinking “Is this it?”

If you’re in the latter camp, then this programme is going to move you closer to achieving career success on your terms.

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Two successful women brainstorming on whiteboard
Reasons for joining the 3D Method

How could Career Success by Design impact my life?

According to MIND (Mental Health Charity), work is the biggest cause of stress in people’s lives. Stress puts our most important relationships at home under pressure, not just our health.  Reducing stress massively improves the quality of our lives.

The average person works at least 90,000 hours throughout their working life! What if that time spent working makes you feel fulfilled and inspired?

Have you ever taken the time to discover what Career Success actually looks like for you? You will be creating a career vision with a practical path on how to own it and make it a reality.

Know your worth and YOU WILL earn more money!  Being in the wrong job decreases our earning potential over time, as we are not in roles that inspire us or not using our strengths and where we feel motivated to do our best.  When we use our strengths, we are 6x more likely to be promoted

Fill the gaps in order to stand out! LinkedIn profile workshop, create an interview winning CV, job-ready interview practice and nail your application process.

Invaluable, ongoing support from Padma and your peers in a free, secret Facebook membership group.

Career Success by Design

My 3D Method : How it Works

An inspiring 8-Week Programme for Women who want to start thriving.

Design your Career success and OWN your career journey!

During my 8-Week transformational programme I use my tried and tested 3D Method : Dream it, Design it, Do it

The programme gives you both the mental and practical tools to become a woman that owns her career, creates opportunities and achieves the CHANGE that YOU want with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE.

Module 1

Dream it

Gain clarity on what career success could like for you, so that you can make your vision a reality:

Get clear on where you’re at right now and how did you get here. Identify the As-Is.

What’s your WHY – Purpose and knowing what really drives you is the key to career and life happiness.

Your Strengths – What brings you alive and feels easy?

Create your Career Vision – Where are you going? Pinpoint the To-Be.

Two x 90 minute 121 coaching calls and 8x 90 min group coaching calls

Module 2

Design it

Discover how to design a personal brand that makes you stand out and attract the career opportunities with employers that you actually want:

Core Values – Take the time to identify your non-negotiable values.

Uncover your transferable skills, with practical examples.

LinkedIn Profiles – leveraging it and tackling the “hidden job market”

Networking– who is in your career network?

Access to all my step-by-step video library

Downloadable Templates

Personalised LinkedIn Review of your improved profile

Module 3

Do it

Take action confidently by improving your interview, LinkedIn and CV whilst remaining authentic to who you are:

Know your worth – Shift to a confident mindset and learn to negotiate!

Help with creating an interview winning CV and Covering Letter (including access to my CV by Design video course).

Nail an interview – both face-to-face and remote. both face-to-face and remote. Practice interviews with myself and your cohort in a private and safe space.

Hot seats and group coaching – Get interviewed by Padma in front of the group for everyone to learn from.

One-2-One Coaching call with Padma


Complete Job Search Support – from applications to interviews whilst we work together.



Community Support in my private group. Learn from each others’ experiences.

Lifetime Access so you can revisit whenever you want throughout your career journey.

awesome results

What my Alumni say:

When I started this programme my CV had not been updated for years and I had never used LinkedIn! My CV is now ready to present to future employers and I am no longer afraid of LinkedIn!

Padma’s warm and encouraging approach was so appreciated. Her extensive experience in the recruiting world was obvious as she guided everyone on the programme through mock job interviews and I can now face the challenge of finding a job with much more confidence. Furthermore, the camaraderie she engendered amongst course members was invaluable.

I cannot recommend Padma more highly and I know that I will continue to seek her advice throughout my working life.


After the CV workshop of the programme in the summer, and many rounds of intense recruitment, I did not get the job I was applying for at the time as a Content Writer.

After 4 rounds, they decided to change the scope of the role and the title and I was their No.2 choice. After licking my wounds and regrouping for a while, I started again, and went through a number of processes, including 3 rounds of selection for a Copy Writer role at a marketing agency that’s walk-able from my house.  

I start on Monday. Thanks for all your support, guidance, inspiration and insight. Best wishes to you and all the best for the growth of your business – I recommend you a LOT!


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Feeling uninspired, bored and stuck?

Let me help you gain the confidence, clarity and job that you deserve.

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