21 Feb, 2022 | CV Tips

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3 Resume Mistakes and how to stop them

Knowing whether your resume is fit for purpose is key when you’re applying for jobs. Yet it is honestly one of the most common areas that causes confusion.

The purpose of a CV is ultimately to generate you interviews for jobs that you actually want. Obviously, there will be situations where there are stronger applicants which has meant your CV hasn’t been shortlisted. However, your job is to ensure that you’ve done everything in your control to improve your chances of actually getting to interview stage.

Here are the 3 biggest Resume mistakes that I see – and these are stopping my clients from getting interviews.

  1. Keywords - Does your CV contain an appropriate amount of key matching words for the job description that you’re applying for? This includes the job title too. I often see fancy job titles but the best way to improve your chances of being found by a recruiter / hiring manager is to use the job title that is most commonly used (you can always include your exact job title if it differs, next to it in brackets). The more keywords you have in your CV, the higher your CV will come up on a search.
  2. Impact - Does your CV have impact? By this I mean, does your CV include actual results? E.G. If one of your strengths is attention to detail, what results have you achieved using this strength for the company? Has your attention to detail meant you helped rewrite supplier contracts that saved the company X amount?
  3. How does your CV solve the employer’s problems? Most CVs that I read only tell me what the candidate wants and what they are looking for. When an employer is looking to hire, they have a problem and are looking for someone to come and solve it with their skills / knowledge / experience and so on. It’s vital that your CV reflects this.

I can guarantee that making the changes above will make your CV more fit for purpose.

Additional Support with CVs

If you’re looking for additional support when it comes to your CV, then I have good news. I’m currently recording a CV video course – it’s a step-by-step video guide talking you through each section of the CV with live examples.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create an impactful personal summary
  • Discover the right keywords to make you go to the top of the pile
  • Cover the dreaded career gap
  • Learn how to talk to an employer’s pain points
  • Use the right CV template
  • Tackle the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)

The best bit is that you can revisit this video every time you need to update your CV as you’ll have lifetime access.

To find out more, click here.

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